Christchurch CBD


4 thoughts on “Christchurch CBD

  1. Looking at Christchurch from a street level i am sure we need to come to terms water is creeping up which means we need to built canals either open or underground to accommodate the changing landscape. Where in the world have they found Gerry Brownlee and Jenny Shipley as a guiding light to town planning .
    These two must be the most uninspiring bureaucrats anyone could come up with.

  2. It was a bit unreal to walk through the city and see deserted streets and buildings that I know just gone. It’s going to be a huge job to rebuild this city – even just the roading! Can’t wait to see what Jenny and Gerry come up with… Haha

  3. Hey , now that Roger is going to take charge there is hope for some kind of
    positive groundswell to establish. Biketracks will have to be included as well
    as little canals with cute little bridges and gondolas wherever the eye can see . The Venice of The South Pacific. Ah , I can see it already.

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