May 31: Sunset reflection


What an awesome end to an awesome day! It was a stunning day today for the last day of Autumn, then topped it all off with a great sunset. I was feeding Brylee tonight when I looked out the window and saw this sunset. Mel was nice enough to tag in for the feeding while I grabbed my camera and ran outside. This puddle outside our house is normally annoying but I thought it would give a good reflection. And so it did… Even though I got a few strange looks from passing cars, I’m pretty happy with the end result. Good times! Enjoyed the mild Autumn so hoping for a mild winter to follow. Maybe this global warming business isn’t all so bad… Hmmmm… And that’s it for day 150/365!


May 30: Coleman’s Original English Mustard


I was trying to find something to take a photo of tonight and in my desperation I opened the pantry. The first thing I saw was this mustard tin and I went with it as I thought the bright yellow could look good in contrast to a black background. I put it on the bench and took a photo with the flash firing but the flash reflected off the bench and looked average. I then had a look in my drawer and found a black t-shirt as I hoped it would absorb the flash and leave everything but the tin black. Turns out it works… Sweet! Goodnight day 149.

May 29: Stuck!

My niece Allie was over today and every time she comes over she goes straight to Brylee’s exersaucer. Today was no different but instead of just climbing in feet-first she tried another option – butt first. Worked out OK for the right leg but not so well for the right… She sat there with this confused look on her face, trying to pull her other leg back in but with no success and being the nice uncle I am, I decided to take photos instead of helping her. Sorry Bec, but at least I got my photo for the 148th day and Allie thought it was funny!

May 28: Paper lanterns

We were at my parents-in-law’s house tonight and getting ready to head home when I realised that I hadn’t taken a photo yet today. I had a wee look around the house and found these lanterns which I eventually got working. I tried a few different shots with the lights on as people were still in the lounge but they weren’t great so I turned off all the lights and tried longer exposure shots. I was quite happy with this one as I liked the reflection off the polished wooden bench and it was also a lot sharper than the others (thanks to a low ISO setting – which I have learnt to do with night shots since starting this project). Image details are: ISO-100, f/20 with a 3.2 second exposure. Quite happy with the effort for day 147!

May 27: Our little lady

Brylee was lying on the table getting dried after her bath tonight and rolled over to see what was happening. Mel grabbed the camera out but then couldn’t figure it out so I was instructed to grab the camera and start shooting. I fired the flash but it was too bright and looked weird so I took a couple of steps back and then zoomed in so the flash wasn’t as intense on her face. And the results were better! Sweet, I learnt something today… Worth doing this project after only 146 days! 🙂

May 25: Steel wire

I was looking around for things to take a photo of and thought this had potential. I tried a number of different shots then ended up putting a black t-shirt under the wire and up the back to get a solid black background, then firing the flash to light up the wire. The wire really caught the flash and lit up against the background so I was happy with the end result. Another night photography shot with flash for day 144!