May 8: Sawdust after sunset

After 128 days of taking photos, I’m starting to run out of things around house to take photos of. But it’s kinda good in that it keeps me on the look-out for new things to shoot. This sawdust is a recent addition to our house after a few hours of chain-sawing last week and I though it could look cool caught in the flash. It took a few shots to get it but after figuring out how to the get the focal length and timing right, I got what it was after. 128 days down, a mere 237 days to go before the completion of my photo-a-day challenge! 


2 thoughts on “May 8: Sawdust after sunset

  1. Haha that’s what comes out of leaving my daily photo too late and desperately looking around for something to shoot! I agree, very abstract and slightly out of the ordinary but I’m quite happy with the way the sawdust seems to light up in the flash in contrast to the black background.

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