May 13: Well point dewatering

Today I had the pleasure to take a ride with a friend who’s family owns a drain laying business. They are upgrading their website so wanted some shots of their crew in action and asked me to take some photos. The company ( is doing a lot of fantastic work with the post-earthquake Canterbury rebuild and are one of only three companies in the area to use well point dewatering. Kind of a long word but basically means that they put long tubes with special ends into the ground at regular intervals then connect the tubes to a pipe which connects to a pump, which in turn pump out the water and lowers the ground water table. At the first job I went to, they had put down 10m long tubes in order to dig out and repair a water tank that would otherwise have been under water and inaccessible. It a very impressive operation to see and great to have the chance to see first-hand what it going on around our city.

This shot was the first of about 50-60 pipes running down a street where they were replacing the damaged sewer lines and I got to watch as they drove and connected new tubes at a surprising speed.

Well that’s my 132nd photo for the day with bonus information included for free! Enjoy!


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