May 30: Coleman’s Original English Mustard


I was trying to find something to take a photo of tonight and in my desperation I opened the pantry. The first thing I saw was this mustard tin and I went with it as I thought the bright yellow could look good in contrast to a black background. I put it on the bench and took a photo with the flash firing but the flash reflected off the bench and looked average. I then had a look in my drawer and found a black t-shirt as I hoped it would absorb the flash and leave everything but the tin black. Turns out it works… Sweet! Goodnight day 149.


4 thoughts on “May 30: Coleman’s Original English Mustard

  1. Nice shot — love the contrast of the dark and the bright colored tin.

    On a side note: Any photo that involves Colman’s Mustard, powdered or otherwise has to be good, since Colman’s makes just about anything better. 🙂

    • Thanks! Haha can’t say I’ve really had a lot to do with Coleman’s in NZ but will keep my eyes peeled for the product that makes just about anything better 🙂 Sounds ideal…

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