June 30: Clouds in the puddle

I left my photo a bit late tonight and it was getting dark by the time I took this photo. I know I’ve already used the reflection in the puddle deal on May 31 but this is better…. because it’s HDR and HDR is always better! I also like that it’s a bit darker but still light enough to see the grass and the puddle etc in the foreground. And I’ve just hit day 180! Only 2 more days to go until I’m halfway through my project 🙂


June 29: Monument

I was on the look-out for old churches to take a photo of today but this one was closed so I had to settle for a wander around outside. This was a monument to those members of the parish lost during the “Great War” (First World War) from 1914 – 1918. I know that lens flare is generally frowned upon but I did this on purpose (I actually took one first without the lens flare but liked this one better) and a friend of ours who has studied Art History informed me that this adds an ethereal quality to the image so that sealed my decision. So it’s a somewhat reflective photo for day 179…

June 28: Dead end

Today I got home early so decided to head down to the river to have a look. I had an idea for a photo under the bridge but got distracted with this odd little bridge thing so will save the other photo for later. I took a few photos but went with this one because I liked the colours of the moss and the clarity of the wire on the fence. Done and dusted for day 178!

June 27: Winter trees

This photo pretty much sums up the weather right now… Ice cold wind and trees almost bare apart from a few holding onto their last remaining leaves. I’m not a huge fan of winter but do admit that I like shots like this with a few dead leaves showing the last traces of summer/autumn. And I’m out of time for day 177 so that’s it 🙂

June 26: Walk in the park

This is a little creek that runs into the lake at a gated community our friends live in. I was sitting in their lounge and I saw this and wanted to see what it would look like in HDR so I grabbed my camera and went for a wee wander. I didn’t notice until I got home and got the photos onto the computer how dark the clouds in the background where but I like the contrast between the peaceful foreground and the somewhat foreboding clouds in the background. And that’s the shot for day 176, thanks for stopping by 🙂

June 25: Quake talk?

I’ve seen this mural so many times and never really got it but it takes on a whole new meaning post-quakes… And the fact that it’s painted on a building made me literally LOL because it’s so close to the red zone that odds are that there is probably a crack or two showing on this building. A wee laugh for day 175 and at least some humour has come out of the quakes…

June 24: Winters afternoon

Heading home this afternoon and took a wee detour down to the Ashley River. Still learning with HDR but I like the result as you can have the effect of the clouds, see the snow on the mountains in the background and still be able to see the stones at the bottom of the water. This is the beauty  of the different exposures used in HDR and something that you wouldn’t be able to get in a normal photo. Still enjoy HDR on day 174 of my daily photo challenge!