June 26: Walk in the park

This is a little creek that runs into the lake at a gated community our friends live in. I was sitting in their lounge and I saw this and wanted to see what it would look like in HDR so I grabbed my camera and went for a wee wander. I didn’t notice until I got home and got the photos onto the computer how dark the clouds in the background where but I like the contrast between the peaceful foreground and the somewhat foreboding clouds in the background. And that’s the shot for day 176, thanks for stopping by 🙂

4 thoughts on “June 26: Walk in the park

  1. A gated community? Are they trying to keep them from escaping? 🙂

    Great shot man! You’re right, the clouds to make a great contrast, and you picked up the clarity of the water and the reflections really well too!

    • Haha I think they just want to keep the poor people out so they don’t ruin their perfect image with old cars and non-labelled clothing 😉
      Thanks for your compliments – I really like the look of the water in HDR shots so will be on the scout for more shooting locations involving water 🙂

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