July 31: Blue flame

We have been cooking with gas while staying at this house and I’ve been thinking for a while that it could make a cool shot at night so tonight I turned off all the lights and with my begrudging assistant (Mel), took some shots. I really like the eerie blue light on the hob and the reflection of the flame on the stainless steel cooker. I would have liked to have a bit longer to play around but was busy getting ready for work tomorrow so maybe another time… Anyway, this is a 2 second exposure at ISO 100 from a tripod. And day 212 is completed – only 153 days to go! Still seems like a long time…


July 30: USA vs. Canada ice hockey

Tonight was a new experience watching live ice hockey! Team Canada and Team USA are touring New Zealand for a 3-game exhibition tour during their summer/our winter. My brother has spent time in the States and Canada so is pretty keen on hockey and organised a few people to head along and have a look. I was lucky that he had explained some of the rules beforehand so I had a general idea of what was happening and really enjoyed the fast pace of the game. I was a bit disappointed as I’m pretty sure they saved all the big hits and fights for the promo video so there weren’t any of either left for this game as well as the massive amounts of time spent resting between the thirds! Oh well, still happy to have had a look, experience the atmosphere and watch Team Canada dominate 7-3 on day 211 🙂

July 29: Hay barn

It’s 11:55pm and I really want to be asleep but I’ve been busy all day and am way too stubborn not to do my photo for today. That said, I will be brief. This is an old barn at the grounds opposite my parents’ house. I sometimes stop there for a wander around as there are some interesting things to take photos of. And that’s me for day 210!

July 28: Waikuku sunset

I was driving home late this afternoon and the sun was just going down so I stopped by the Waikuku Estuary for a look… It was a pretty impressive sunset which got even better after I had left and was driving home but oh well. You can’t really see in the photo but the mountains in the background are covered in snow and the whole scene was pretty awesome. So that’s it for my 209th day 🙂



July 27: Farm machinery


I was driving home this afternoon when I dove past a farm with this sitting in the front paddock. I wanted to take a photo but it was a bit awkward because the farmer was working in the paddock and I didn’t want to look like a creeper so I kept on driving.  I got about 50 meters down the road then decided I could handle the farmer looking at me weird so I turned around and drove back. I don’t know if he even looked at me because I just pretended he wasn’t there, snapped away and then left. I have no idea what this thing is – hence the generic name – but I like rusted old things so this fits the bill for day 208…


July 26: Then the sun came out…

I woke up this morning to see that the sun had come out after a super cold and frosty night and even though it was still freezing, the snow looked pretty awesome lit up by the sun. These photos are from Waikuku Beach, North Canterbury from about 8-9:30 this morning.