July 1: Apple tree

Again, the title really says it all. It is an apple tree… All the leaves are dead on the tree and there are only a few apples left but I liked the brightness of the apples against the drab bareness of the tree. Thanks winter for providing me with the shot for day 181.


2 thoughts on “July 1: Apple tree

  1. I like the contrast in color between the apples and the sky too. Definitely captures the drabness of winter while the apples give us a hint of the fullness and freshness of past summer and fall. The apples still look like they would be tasty even without any leaves and sunlight to feed thenm.

    • Haha but these are tricky apples – they look good from this side but are rotten and eaten from the other side! Surprised that there are still some left on the tree though… Not for long I suspect as we are starting to get some pretty decent frosts now.

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