July 4: Feijoa tree

Today is kinda a bit of a downturn after the photos yesterday that I was quite happy with. But I guess that’s the way with a 365 project – some you will really like, some you wont be so excited about. Anyway, this is a feijoa tree that grows just outside out kitchen and I have seen before but never taken photos of. I didn’t realise that the fruit grew in winter but it’s pretty much the middle of winter and the fruit are still growing away. And it was the coldest morning today so I thought they would have been killed off by now. Odd… Well, that’s it for day 185!


2 thoughts on “July 4: Feijoa tree

  1. Hi Stephen, I’ve just subscribed to your blog – because I like your photos and because I like your written pieces about the photos – which is just what I do on my blog. I give friends albums (old traditional albums!) of my photos, and I put photos on my blog – and in both instances people have reacted very favourably to the written commentary – its so much more informative and entertaining than just sticking a photo up on its own – so good for you! FATman

    • Thanks for the subscribe! 🙂 I started off just posting a photo but realised it was quite a boring blog so started writing a few months ago and have had a lot more people subscribing and commenting. So you are completely right I’m glad you also enjoy the blog 🙂 I really like your work also and am looking forward to see more!

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