July 4: Ambulance

Today was not a day I was looking forward to! I had to attend a full-day First Aid refresher course (not the two-day thankfully!) and didn’t really have the most positive expectations based on previous First Aid experiences… BUT it actually wasn’t all that bad and it was far more interesting than most other courses which made the day go pretty fast. Proof that the difference in boredom levels is pretty much down to the presenter (and ours was pretty funny and onto it – thanks Margaret!). After the course finished I saw the shiny ambulances parked out the back so went and got my camera then asked out tutor if I could take some photos. She let me out into the back lot and kinda looked at me a bit weird as I set up the tripod and pottered around but was happy to wait for me so I was happy. What a legend! So that’s my 186th day done and dusted 🙂


P.S. If you want to die any time soon, don’t do it around me ‘cos I’m pretty much a First Aid ninja now! 😉


4 thoughts on “July 4: Ambulance

    • Haha if only… I was hearing stories today from a friend about 220kmph+ trips in the Ambulance with his Dad when he was little. And this is a fancy new one! Imagine the possibilities…

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