July 14: Iron chandelier

This house has a rather large chandelier above the dining table and I thought it might look good in a photo. It took ages to get the photos centered as I had to sit the camera on the table below and I wasn’t able to use the viewfinder. I took a photo, checked it, replaced the camera in a slightly different position then repeated until I was happy with the result. I know I could have just cropped it after but wanted to make sure it was exactly in the middle so the lighting and shadows were consistent. Anyway, enough typing so I’m off to bed! Day 195 complete – closing on 200 posts! 🙂


4 thoughts on “July 14: Iron chandelier

  1. Stephen, that’s a great shot! I love the symmetry and the simplifying effect of the monochrome (is it monochrome – or something very to near it?), and the way that the chandelier completely fills the frame. Also there are very diffuse, kind of paler reflections in the grey background encircled by the chandelier, which almost make it look as if the composition is slightly moving or shimmering. I like this picture very much. FATman

    • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy it! It took quite a few shots to get it right but I’m happy with how it came out. To be honest, I can’t remember what post-processing I used (should probably remember that) but I like the effect 🙂

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