July 15: Winter blossom

This little tree thing is just outside the lounge window and it immediately appealed to me because it’s cold and meant I only had to spend a minimal amount of time outside… I really like the HDR effect as it makes the features of the tree really clear and more lifelike than a normal photo would. Today was the last day of Term Two so two weeks of holidays (minus marking, reports etc…) which hopefully means more time to spend finding awesome shots… Sweet! Day 196 over and out 🙂


2 thoughts on “July 15: Winter blossom

  1. I’ve never tried any HDR and I don’t know whether I’m a fan or not – although I do know that there’s lot to be said for pictures of the opposite kind, ie dark and blurry – if you can, take a look at the August 2011 issue of Black+White Photography magazine, especially jonathanstead.com and sarahfoto.com . But I do like the other worldly, almost dreamlike look of Winter Blossom, almost as if its a painting or an image from another world. FATman

    • I’ve just started HDR but am starting to really like it! Give it a try sometime 🙂 On the other side of spectrum, the Jonathan Stead site is very interesting… Not your run-of-the-mill photographer but I think his work would make amazing artwork!

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