July 24: Te Ariki

We were lucky enough to have our good friends and their two kids out to stay this weekend and had an awesome time! This is my wee mate Te Ariki and we were trying to get some photos for their 1st/3rd birthday invitations this morning but haven’t had a chance to look through them all yet so will have to make time to finish looking tomorrow. I’ve also uploaded some photos from my adventure yesterday with Te Ariki. I know they weren’t taken today but I like them so I wanted to use them. We went into Christchurch to drop Te Rangi (Dad) off at rugby then went to the mall for lunch. Te Ariki was loving dancing around in the shops and quite entertaining for the sales assistants… Then we came back and watched Te Rangi play rugby (which they won in a nail biter) in between playing on the playground and tackling Te Ariki’s new friend. What a day! Now our house feels a bit quiet and empty without our guests though… Until next holidays! Anyway, that’s it for day 205


2 thoughts on “July 24: Te Ariki

  1. I believe this post violates some rule or another… you know, that one rule….

    …that rule that says there cannot be this much Cute in a blog post. Cute must be limited to one or two photos at a time… otherwise, your readers (me) may be too overwhelmed by all the cuteness.

    Great shots!


    • Ah, I forgot about that rule! Must keep it in mind for future posts… 🙂 He’s a pretty awesome wee guy and loves the camera almost as much as the camera loves him so I’m happy!

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