July 29: Hay barn

It’s 11:55pm and I really want to be asleep but I’ve been busy all day and am way too stubborn not to do my photo for today. That said, I will be brief. This is an old barn at the grounds opposite my parents’ house. I sometimes stop there for a wander around as there are some interesting things to take photos of. And that’s me for day 210!


6 thoughts on “July 29: Hay barn

  1. Stephen – that’s good, and in particular I like the contrasting strip of red roof at the top, which seems to liven up the whole thing, and the fact that your subject very nearly fills the frame – I have to admit to being a mad cropper (no, cropper) as I usually try cropping in very closely so that whatever my subject is fills the frame, there’s nothing extraneous there. I’m still admiring your photo a day routine! FATman

  2. Day 2010? also noticed the one above says day 2011. Love the hockey shots, whos hand is that holding the flags?

    • Haha that’s what comes from posting way too late… Eagle eyes Peterson’s got my back though! Cheers bro, it’s Simon’s hand with his Canada gloves aye… Him and Tam were loving the Canadians! Good night though 🙂

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