July 31: Blue flame

We have been cooking with gas while staying at this house and I’ve been thinking for a while that it could make a cool shot at night so tonight I turned off all the lights and with my begrudging assistant (Mel), took some shots. I really like the eerie blue light on the hob and the reflection of the flame on the stainless steel cooker. I would have liked to have a bit longer to play around but was busy getting ready for work tomorrow so maybe another time… Anyway, this is a 2 second exposure at ISO 100 from a tripod. And day 212 is completed – only 153 days to go! Still seems like a long time…


2 thoughts on “July 31: Blue flame

  1. Absolutely superb shot, Stephen, up there with the best I’ve seen of your’s. Its minimalist, it shows nothing but the subject, the whole subject and nothing but the subject – there is absolutely no distracting detail. It is also minimalist in terms of colour – there is very little colour there (and nearly colourless pics often make excellent colour pics) but the colour that is there is beautiful. Don’t worry about the 153 days to go, just let your senses go on the rampage and photo whatever your mind dreams up – as here. Well done! FATman

    • Thanks Adrian! The one thing that I have discovered with this project and the people following it is the difference in tastes – some people love the busy, bright scenes while others prefer the minimalist look (or cropped ;-)). It’s been really helpful getting feedback on their tastes and trying to experiment with different styles 🙂 Looking forward to 153 more days!

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