August 31: Rugby World Cup 2011

Only 8 days until the start of the RWC 2011 and starting to get pretty exciting! The teams have been arriving in New Zealand today and even people who don’t normally like rugby are getting a bit excited about the event. An example of excessive merchandise in the  build-up to the RWC are these Pump bottles which have individual numbered All Black’s jerseys on them. I only bought it because it was the cheapest but it’s turned out to be pretty handy as the numbers let you tell the difference between other people’s bottles and your own…

Not a great day though as I got through teaching the first two periods then vomited so headed home and have been in bed or on the couch all day! This bottle was close to my mattress on the floor so it was the pick of the day as I haven’t have to move off my mattress so far! Day 241 done 🙂


August 30: Brylee’s little seahorse

Brylee has been pretty sick today but she was loving just lying on her mattress playing with this little book. She’s had it since she was young and has spent hours just playing with it inside and out of the bath. Anyway, lots of cleaning up from a day of spewing so that’s me for day 240! 🙂

August 29: Droplet at night

This little plant is growing around our house and looked kinda cool with the water droplet caught in the light thrown from the flash. I was experimenting with Photoshop and liked this pattern fill with the opacity way down because it looks like a print on canvas… It’s been a hugely busy weekend so I’m tired and off to bed now. Day 239 done!

August 28: Te Anahera

It was our little mate Te Ana’s first birthday yesterday so her Mum made this name for her wall. She used an entire swarm of butterfly’s for decorating the letters and the girls even had to go back out today to get more but it looks pretty awesome in the end! Happy first birthday Te Anahera and  nice work Amy! Day 238… check.

August 26: Spiky Brylee

I know she looks a little bit like a boy here but I still think she’s cute! Her hairy has really started to grow over the last month and even though it’s still kinda thin, it’s coming along nicely 🙂 We are staying at friends for the weekend and they have a bath (which we don’t) so she was loving having a big bath complete with plenty of toys to play with. She loves water and especially her bath or the spa at the pool so will happily stay in the bath playing for 30-40 minutes at night before bed. Anyway, she’s asleep now so we can relax and enjoy what’s left of day 236 🙂

August 25: Looking back

We broke a mirror yesterday and I saw all the broken pieces this afternoon when I was walking out the door to take a photo. I thought that it might look cool with the reflection of the field behind our house so I took a piece out and played around with it while trying not to cut myself. And here are the results for day 235! I like the first better but included the second as it looks kinda like eyebrows so made me laugh 🙂