August 1: Unborn sunflowers…

I was looking around in the pantry tonight and thought that these might make a cool photo so I put them in a bowl on the bench, set up the tripod above them, and snapped a few shots. The light wasn’t that great and there was an unavoidable shadow from the tripod frame so I headed into the garage in search of better lighting. I found a mechanics light hanging (literally) around so I look it back in, hooked it up to light the shot better and took the photo. It’s not really a breath-taking shot for day  213 but I had fun playing around with everything so I’m happy 🙂


2 thoughts on “August 1: Unborn sunflowers…

  1. If you had something different in amongst all these seeds, it would improve the shot. It could be anything – a seed of a very different colour, part of a leaf – anything that is markedly different from the seeds. FATman

    • I like where your head’s at! I originally shot this in a bright blue bowl for the contrast but didn’t like what it looked like so cropped it a bit tighter for this shot. Something in it would have been a good idea though…

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