August 2: Burnt out

This car was obviously burnt out a while ago and I have been driving past it every day for the past few weeks and meaning every time to stop and take photos. It was in a paddock next to the road but a few days ago it was moved out of the paddock and is now sitting beside the road. I figure this meant that it will soon be taken away so I finally had time tonight to stop and take a few photos. It was a bit of a mission as there were a few cars coming past and I had to move out onto the road with the tripod between passing cars to take the photos but it worked out in the end πŸ™‚ And that’s it for day 243!


6 thoughts on “August 2: Burnt out

  1. Oh, the top picture here, that’s really good, with the incredible convergence into the distance, and the strange colours – especially those of the distant sky. The whole thing has a dreamlike quality. FATman

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