August 9: Lily stems

These are some flowers that my wife was given recently and she suggested that they would make a good subject for tonight’s photo so I had a quick play around. I didn’t have much time but this is what I ended up with as my photo for day 219. Enjoy! 🙂


4 thoughts on “August 9: Lily stems

  1. That’s good too – the orange whatever they are’s with the pollen on really stand out, and the way they are tilting matches the whole flower’s tilt (as might be expected!) and the flower’s white petals provide an excellent backdrop. BIG QUESTION: do you think that your (admirable and brave) decision to take a pic a day to improve your photography is workng????? FATman

    • Thanks Adrian 🙂 Yea I do think that this project is improving my physical photography skills and knowledge as I try out new techniques but I think the biggest improvement to my photography is to my photographic eye. Constantly being on the lookout for the next shot (because I have to take one per day!) has meant that I have become better and more efficient at spotting and taking better shots. Well in my opinion at least! 🙂

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