August 10: “Maikuku” sunset

We moved into our new house in Waikuku Beach (or Maikuku…) last week and the estuary is about 200m from our house and a pretty cool place to walk so there will be a few photos from there this year… The sunset was pretty awesome tonight so I wandered down for a look with my camera and this is the photo that I liked the best. I know it’s another sunset and there have been a few in the last 220 days but it is a pretty amazing time of the day so I don’t mind…


6 thoughts on “August 10: “Maikuku” sunset

  1. That’s good! >>> but as always I’d crop it, to concentrate attention on the photo’s subject. The lower frame of the photo should be where the black branches of the tree first start to come into the frame from the left – ie just below the level of the sunlit water. The grass in the foreground really doesn’t do anything for the picture. In a film photo, this grass would be very dark or black and that would be fine, but having detail in it like there is here, really detracts from the excellent rest of the frame. FATman

    • That’s quite funny as I actually did the take photo originally with the grass at the bottom of the frame but thought it was missing something and took it again with the grass in shot. I really like the way that the grass and tree set the scene for the sunset as I was trying to capture the whole scene rather than just the sunset. Thanks for your thoughts though – I really do like hearing about other people’s tastes/photo style. As always, thanks for commenting 🙂

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