August 14: Seed things…

Ah, yesterday was the first day I wasn’t able to get my post uploaded the same day! We haven’t had internet for the past 2 weeks as we have recently moved and having a world of trouble trying to get internet so have been going to family or friends every day to upload the daily photo but wasn’t able to yesterday. I did take a photo and get it ready to upload though so I figure that counts… And here it is! Some weird little bush outside our bedroom but I quite like the little seed-pod things that are all over it. Day 224 done!


2 thoughts on “August 14: Seed things…

  1. That’s a different sort of picture – interesting and good – and you’ve got the little spray of leaves at the “seed things” (great name!) base just right, and the out of focus background is just right too. FATman

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