September 30: Another daffodil…

I know there have been a few daffodils this month but meh, it’s spring! This time it’s a bit tighter shot in HDR with a bit of a grain on… I kinda like it actually! Day 271 is the last day of September though and the daffodils are starting to die now so maybe the last of them for this year… Enjoy!


September 29: Sick ride

This is my Niece’s wee trike and I thought it would look good in HDR so I propped the camera up on a few books to keep it still then snapped the three shots before combining them in Photomatix. It’s a pretty sick wee trike but apparently I’m too big to play on it so I just have to watch jealously as she rocks around showing off her ride… Day 270 done!

September 28: The wee girls

Brylee and her cousin Allie (1 year older) both have matching All Blacks t-shirts so Mel and Bec thought it would be a good idea for them dress matching and get some photos taken. Of course I was happy to oblige so we wandered around taking photos of them playing… Enjoy 🙂

Chilling on the tree stump

Allie playing on the swing

The girls checking out the daffodils

Allie thinking…

Allie heading back from a tiring 20m walk

Brylee and Mum

Both the girls not so keen to stay sitting down on the seat…

Day 269 was another stunner and happy to have some nice photos of the girls 🙂

September 27: All Blacks Supporter

This is wee Brylee in her t-shirt that my mate bought for her first World Cup (shot Jimbo!). I tried to take some photos of her wearing it the other day but just as I picked up the camera she spewed up all over it so it was back to the wash before a second try! Second time lucky today though and a beautiful day so she was happy to play on the grass while I took photos of her… I’m enjoying the 2011 Rugby World Cup even if she has no idea what’s going on and like it or not she is now officially an All Blacks Supporter! Day 268 was beautiful and warm – bring on summer!

September 26: Middleton Grange School

I did some photography tonight at Middle Grange School in Christchurch for the opening of their new whare and attached centre. I went there when I was in school but this was just old buildings so it was pretty impressive to go back and see what’s there now. This is about 1/3rd of the building and opens into a performing arts centre which is where they had the Kapa Haka concert tonight. Good times with an awesome hangi beforehand and some very talented kapa haka students to follow. But I’ve been away from home for 15 hours now so ready to relax and go to bed. Day 267 was a good one with a request to use one of my images (  in an upcoming issue of a popular a nationwide magazine which was pretty cool! And I even get paid for my efforts… Woo hoo! 🙂

September 24: Akaroa

A few shots from this morning in Akaroa. We had breakfast overlooking the harbour and enjoyed the sunny morning before heading home. I think we could retire to somewhere like Akaroa one day… Great morning for my 265th day! And only 100 days left of my project… Almost there! Kinda…