September 10: Brylee vs. dinner

Brylee decided to pick a fight with her dinner tonight and I’m pretty sure her dinner won! It was an epic battle featuring Mum & Dad + dinner against Brylee and while it looked for a while as though Brylee would come out victorious, in the end the enemy (Mum, Dad + dinner) prevailed. She obviously had fun with dinner on day 251 though 🙂


10 thoughts on “September 10: Brylee vs. dinner

  1. Oh my! We practice baby-led solids and his fits food was, god knows why I let this fly, an avocado! He annihilated it and loved it. Cleanup was a hassle but looking back at the 20 pictures and videos I took that day are so worth it! So cute!

    And so true about never being ready for a child! He came as, um, a surprise and he’s 6 months and it’s safe to say we’re still not ready. ;D

    • Haha I know the stained t-shirt well! Almost not worth washing anymore because you know it will just get dirty again when a little one with a face like this will want a cuddle sometime soon! Worth every load of washing though 🙂

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