October 31: Fluffy dandelion

Again, the title does a fantastic job of describing the image so there really isn’t much I can add to describe it… It’s halfway through Spring and with the weather warming up and the rain still appearing most weeks, the grass is starting to get way too excited and grow up a storm! Not that happy because it just means I have to mow it more but I’ll let it pass because it’s been awesome weather on day 302 and that makes me happy 😀


October 30: Waving goodbye

Mel went out this afternoon and, as usual, Brylee crawled to the door and pulled herself up to wave goodbye. I went out the other door with my camera to grab some photos and here is my favourite. This is an HDR from 3 tiff images created from a a single RAW image and the first time I have really this properly but I like the results! I like that I’m able to get the HDR effect from a scene that would normally be moving too much to capture the three bracketed images, so I could get into this… Pretty happy with my discovery on day 301 😀

October 29: Mall by night

We called past a mall tonight after it was closed so I thought it would be a good opportunity to take some photos without all the people there. I took a few shots but it’s 11:50pm so I’m only uploading one (maybe some more to follow tomorrow if I have time) but this is my image for day 300! Only 65 days to go! 😀

October 28: Bright star

I was looking around in Brylee’s toybox for something interesting to shoot when I saw this sparkly-star-wand-thing and took it out to see what I could do with it… I thought it might look good with a light behind it, so held it up in one hand with the camera in the other and positioned it so the ceiling light was directly behind. This was the second shot and looked sort of like what I had imagined in my head so here is the image from my 299th day of this project!

October 27: Little yellow cottage

I took this photo of our spaghetti container that sits on our bench but wasn’t really a fan of it so opened it up in Photoshop to see what I could do… It was quite yellow from the container being an off-white colour, combined with the yellow from the lights so it reminded me of our little yellow cottage. I don’t know why someone would voluntarily paint a house yellow but someone decided it was a good idea quite a few years ago so we live in a yellow house until this summer when we are re-painting. Anyway, I de-saturated the rest of the image apart from the cottage to make it stand out and here is the image for day 298! 🙂

October 26: Cookies and cream

I just got home from touch and pretty tired after playing a game with only 2 subs then refereeing a pretty fast game by myself. Good fitness though as I’ve got three pretty intense games this Saturday! Anyway, I was feeling like something to eat when I got home and found this cookies and cream ice cream in the freezer. It was looking so good as it was starting to melt that I thought I’d share it with you all. Great end to day 297 and pretty excited about hitting the 300-day mark this Saturday!

October 25: Canon 18-55mm

This is my kit lens that I got with the camera along with a 55-250mm. I use this lens for 99% of my photos and although the zoom lens comes in hand on rare occasions, it was probably a waste of money. I’m thinking of selling it and putting the money toward a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle or maybe even a faster fixed lens… So many options but all dependent on money so probably wont be happening for a while 🙂 Anyway, that’s my image plus story for day 296!