October 14: Playing with electricity

I’m hanging with my older brother tonight and got a bit bored watching X-Factor so went for an explore in the garage and found this weird electricity globe that lights up and sends out bolts of electricity when you touch it with your hand… Pretty random find on day 285 but had a play around with it and got some cools shots in the end 🙂



8 thoughts on “October 14: Playing with electricity

  1. That is really some cool pictures you were able to get out of the find. So much energy! My favourite pictures are probably the third and second last. In these I particularly like the light and colours – and the way the hands are showing in the pictures.

  2. Oh that’s nice, Stephen, I like that! Very different and very imaginative. The top and bottom ones are my favourites I think. Day 285 eh? I admire you for keeping at it – and will life be the same after your photo year??????? I hope you’ll keep on photographing regardless! Adrian

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