October 16: Pink flowers

What a night!!! I thought yesterday was a good day but watching the All Blacks win their Rugby World Cup semi final against the Wallabies was so satisfying that I think it’s going to be hard to top – apart from maybe a sneaky wee grand final win next week! We kicked off the night watching the Kiwi’s getting punished by the Kangaroo’s but then it all turned around when the All Black’s got some back by beating the Wallabies 20-6 and booking their place for the final next week. We had a few people over and enjoyed some very subdued cheering so we didn’t wake Brylee but smiles all round as people were leaving and a great day 287 😀 Oh and here’s the photo from today…


4 thoughts on “October 16: Pink flowers

  1. Just as glad that you won the stupid Aussies!!! 😉 Congrats!!

    Beautiful photo… great bokeh (love that word – – – & this is the first time I’ve used it!!!!) Yay! 😉 **

    • I was pretty happy with the win but nervous about next week now! Bring on Sunday night! 🙂
      Haha I still remember when someone first comment about the bokeh effect and I had to Google “bokeh” to find out what it meant! But now I can sound all smart when I use it in a comment as well… Haha

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