October 30: Waving goodbye

Mel went out this afternoon and, as usual, Brylee crawled to the door and pulled herself up to wave goodbye. I went out the other door with my camera to grab some photos and here is my favourite. This is an HDR from 3 tiff images created from a a single RAW image and the first time I have really this properly but I like the results! I like that I’m able to get the HDR effect from a scene that would normally be moving too much to capture the three bracketed images, so I could get into this… Pretty happy with my discovery on day 301 😀


6 thoughts on “October 30: Waving goodbye

  1. I agree with Angeline, Brylee’s facial expression, the nice soft colors, the reflection, and definitely the green of the vine make this such a great shot. A few additional extras for me are the texture and color on the wood of the door and the bits of green ivy to balance out the image.

    • Thanks! 🙂 This is one on my favorites from the last while (probably because it involves Brylee) and it worked out well with the cat-door hiding my reflection with the clear glass above reflecting the sky. I agree with both comments on the green ivy adding colour to the shot as well. Thanks for taking the time to look and comment – much appreciated 🙂

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