November 29: Rays of sunlight

I had to take a trailer load of branches (from my recent Chainsaw + Stephen vs. Backyard battle) out to Mel’s Uncle’s burn-pile tonight and grabbed my camera on the way out. As I was passing this local sports field I saw the rays of sunlight steaming through the clouds so stopped to take a photo for today. I really like the contrast between the dark clouds and the bright grass with the rays as a sort of in-between. A few more trailer loads to come but I spotted some old cars in a paddock tonight so maybe they will be the images for tomorrow… But for now, this is day 331’s image.

November 27: Cathedral Square

We finally got into the Red Zone today! They opened up a walkway through to the Cathedral Square in Christchurch this weekend so we took the family through for a look today. I’ve been waiting almost a year to get inside and take some photos and even though this was all fenced off and pretty packed it was really good to see the inner city and the changes that have been made. The Cashel Container Mall was pretty awesome to see for the first time and really good to see something starting to happen in the Central City!  Anyway, enough words so enjoy the images and have a look closely at the McDonald’s photo for the half-eaten food that was left there over 9 months ago! Successful day 329 🙂



November 26: Abandoned house

We had a pretty busy day with touch finals, an engagement party, visiting friends and then my family on the way home! This is an old abandoned house just down from the Christchurch Airport that I’ve seen a few times but finally stopped and shot today. I’m just lucky that I have an awesome wife who puts up with me stopping all the time when I see something that would make a good photo. I’d really like to head inside this house and take some photos but was in a hurry today so maybe head back one day if I can find someone else who’s keen 🙂 So that’s it for day 328 which is also Election Day 2011 so waiting to see who will run our country!

November 25: First hair-do

We have always said that we wouldn’t do the fountain hair-do thing but that all changed today when Mel discovered that Brylee has enough hair to get a hair tie in! Still not a fan of the fountain but our best option seeing as how there is nowhere near enough hair to get a ponytail out of. It’s all good though, I’m her Dad so I’ll think she’s cute no matter what 🙂 And that’s it for day 327.

November 24: Adventures in the pool

Brylee, Mel and I went for a walk down to the park today and the gate was open to the old pool so we went in for a look. This is the “whale pool” that has been the subject of much local debate after it was damaged in the earthquakes. There have been “save the whale” placards up around North Canterbury for the past year or so and apparently someone noticed because now they are going to repair it/build a new one and the debate has turned to the design. Way too much drama over a pool if you ask me but it will be good to have a kids pool super close this summer. Anyway, this is one of the shots from today when we were playing in the empty pool and my favourite for day 326.

November 22: Weet-bix

This is the stuff that legends are made of! It fuels the All Blacks to victory and makes you a Kiwi once it passed your lips… Well that’s the speel they tell you but it has been around in New Zealand since the 1920’s and is part of our culture by now. I used to eat Weet-bix all the time growing up but stopped when I was in high school and have only just returned to it after we bought some for Brylee and I started again. I was recently challenged to eat 20 Weet-bix and managed to get through them but it’s fair to say I was quite full as I’m not the biggest person in the world and 20 is a whole lot of Weet-bix! Anyway, it’s far from my favourite photo but good memories and a little bit of New Zealand culture on day 324 🙂

November 21: Droplets on ivy

I woke up early this morning to pouring rain! Not happy because the weather has been awesome recently but I suppose it had to come sometime because it is spring after all… It’s been raining pretty hard most of the day but stopped just after dinner tonight so I went out to take a shot and was on the look for a good shot with some raindrops. Our ivy has been featured in a few shots this year and again today. The glossy leaves meant that the rain formed cool droplets on the leaf so this is shot for day 323…