November 1: Take a guess…

It’s the first of November today and I can’t quite get over the fact that next month is December! Or that Brylee is 1 year old this Sunday! I don’t know where the year went… Anyway, that’s not really anything about my image for the day but for a reason – I’m not telling you what it is! Take a wild guess and if you are right you get…. well nothing really but a fantastic instinsic sense of achievement! Anyway, that’s it for day 303 so happy guessing!


13 thoughts on “November 1: Take a guess…

  1. Cool shot! My first thought was a recently finished latte – a little cream at the bottom of the mug. Or a blender. I’m sure I’m wrong, though – Happy November 🙂

  2. I was making myself dizzy trying to think of looking up into a light fixture, then I thought maybe it was looking down in to something….but I’m with the rest of the crew….CFL, curly light bulb.

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