November 17: 10,000 hits!

Woo hoo, I hit my goal today! Well, my fourth goal… When I first started this project I thought it would be awesome to get 1,000 hits but when I got there I thought 2,000 would be cool by the end of the year. When I reached 2,000 hits I thought why not see if I could get 5,000 then doubled it again to 10,000 once I got there. And today I hit my goal of 10,000 views this year! I know it’s not a lot (even for a day) for some people but I’m pretty happy with 10k! I don’t think I will be aiming to double this number by the end of the year though… Anyway, the shots for day 319 are from this afternoon when beautiful Brylee and I were out enjoying the sun in the back yard 🙂


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