December 1: Purple flower buds

Another flower shot for day 333 and not much writing because I’m short on time but happy December! All our Christmas decorations went up today so will have photos up soon 🙂


6 thoughts on “December 1: Purple flower buds

  1. Good stuff, but I think I’d crop quite a bit off the top, so that the flower really takes pride of place in the frame – almost like a head and shoulders portrait. What do you think? Adrian

    • Hmmm, it might actually look better with bit of a crop so there isn’t so much background. I don’t know why but I never seem to think to crop but I think that I might stop and look at them from now on and see what I can crop out to make the final image better. If I remember… Thanks Adrian 🙂

      • Yes, the framing and the cropping of each short are important >>> you’re trying to cut anything out of the pictures that doesn’t contribute to them, so that whatever you want as the subject fills the frame. Almost at the year’s end now – I continue to admire your year’s project! Adrian

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