December 16: Breaking out

I took some images of the same plant on December 1 (coincidently at the same time as Xandre Verkes posted some fantastic images of a very similar subject!) but saw it again today just as the flowers were breaking out of the pod and thought it looked pretty cool so took a photo to share with you all on day 348 🙂


10 thoughts on “December 16: Breaking out

    • I was just lucky to walk past at the right time I think 🙂 I had no idea what it was but just Googled agapanthus and I think you are right! I have next to no knowledge of plants so thanks 🙂

  1. Thanks for the Shoutout Stephen!!!! 😀 Great shot btw…. 🙂 working through my email updates slowly as I get time here on holiday… So I am way behind on your posts!!!! 😦 Will be posting again soon & commenting and dropping by again soon!!! Aren’t these pods just beautifully fascinating?? I love how the yellow accentuates the purple…. Super pretty!!! 🙂 Keep well… **

    • My pleasure! Haha yes, I can appreciate getting a bit behind during the holiday season. I haven’t even had time to do anything but post an image for the last week. It seems that every day is taking up with working around the house and every night we have someone over for dinner or are out. Good times though 🙂

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