December 18: Walk in the park

It was a nice afternoon and we were bored so decided to go for a walk down to the park. Naturally, I took my camera and got some photos of Brylee playing around on the playground and in a big tree stump. Brylee had an awesome time and even went down the big tube-slide by herself for the first time with Mel sliding her down and me catching her at the bottom. She didn’t quite know what to think when she first started sliding but then absolutely loved it and couldn’t get enough until we eventually decided to move on. Great to discover something new that she enjoys doing though 🙂 Another awesome day with the whanau on day 350!


10 thoughts on “December 18: Walk in the park

  1. Really like the second one from the top, Stephen >>> and happy Christmas and New Year >>> and are you going to suffer withdrawal symptoms at the nd of your project >>> or are you just going to repeat the project in 2012???? Cheers, Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian 🙂 Haha no, I don’t think I have the time or energy to repeat this again in 2012 (or convince my wife to put up with me doing it!) but I am hoping to stay in the habit of keeping my camera with me and posting on a fairly regular basis. That’s the plan anyway! Are you taking up the challenge in 2012??? 😉

      • NO, DEFINITELY NOT TAKING UP THE CHALLENGE!!! >>> I’m far too old and busy to do that >>> and I value what little is left of my sanity!!! BUT, well done to you, I’m very impressed that you’ve tackled and completed it. I hope very much that 2012 holds many good things for you and your family. Take care! Adrian

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