Abandoned farmhouse

This is an old house in Waikuku on State Highway 1 that I drive past most days on my way to work. I’ve been meaning to stop and take photos for ages and almost didn’t (I even slowed down, decided not to and kept driving, and then pulled over a did a U-turn a bit down the road) but fought the urge to keep driving and grabbed a few photos.

My wife hates driving with me when I’ve got my camera close because I always want to stop, and while I do feel sorry for all partners of people who like to take photos, it’s always worth stopping! So these photos are dedicated to the frustrated partners who have to sit and wait for photos to be taken…


17 thoughts on “Abandoned farmhouse

      • 🙂 no worries, its quite an undertaking isn’t it?? I didn’t have time to do the 15 (!!!) recommendations, so i did 4. Maybe I should create a new award where you just pass it on, and the only thing the recipient has to do it mention it in their next post. lol! Anyway, hope yr having a great weekend! Reina.

      • Wow, I hadn’t done it yet because I though it would take a while but didn’t quite think it would take this long! Done now though 🙂 Enjoy your weekend of sun (finally!)

  1. Thanks for visiting again, Stephen. I really like your farmhouse. Each image has its strengths, but I favor the closer one because the fencing in the foreground really adds dimension to it. Nice!

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