Some photos from our recent trip to Kaikoura. This is a seal colony just north of Kaikoura that we visited on New Years Day. To be honest I did expect it to be more interesting than sleeping, smelly seals but was a bit disappointed… They blended in well with the rocks so the easiest way to spot them was to walk until you smelt one was close, then stop and look around. Not as cool as they look on TV but worth a look none the less.

It’s been a week since my last post! Which doesn’t sound like long but has been a lifetime to me. Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoyed the project and I still have my camera on me most of the time but it’s been great not having to post every single night! 🙂

Anyway, here are a few photos…

Cheeky wee wink


Watching with Nana

Keeping watch


November 20: Family lunch

It was hot again today so we went out to Amberly for lunch and some family time. There is a cafe there that Mel and her grandparents often go to so we had a pizza for lunch then went to see the animals that they have for kids to feed. Another great day with Mel and Brylee on day 322 😀

October 7: Brylee’s puppy

This is Brylee’s little puppy on a string that she drags around and laughs at. I still remember the first time that she understood that pulling on the string meant the puppy would come toward her with it’s tail waggling and just kept doing it over and over again. Very entertaining for me and clearly even more entertaining for her! Good memory on day 278 🙂

August 30: Brylee’s little seahorse

Brylee has been pretty sick today but she was loving just lying on her mattress playing with this little book. She’s had it since she was young and has spent hours just playing with it inside and out of the bath. Anyway, lots of cleaning up from a day of spewing so that’s me for day 240! 🙂

June 22: The sun breaking through

So I am now firmly in the HDR camp! This is kinda fun… Taken from 3 shots, handheld on the way from Waikuku to Rangiora this afternoon. This is the third day in a row that it’s been cloudy and grey all day but has opened up for the sun to come through in the afternoon. On Monday I noticed it in while I was in the car without my camera and Tuesday I was in the city so couldn’t get a very good view of the skyline but today I was in the car with my camera and in the country so I finally got a shot of it. Success! Another HDR for  day 172, I think I’m addicted!

June 13: Reflections

Wow, what a day! I was sitting in the office at the end of last period when the first (5.5) earthquake hit. It was quite big but didn’t seem to be much damage and luckily the students had already left so we didn’t have 1600 stressed young people to deal with. I was just about to leave when the 6.0 hit and it was pretty impressive to see the movement of the walls then all the lights swaying violently in our new gym. Must have been well designed though as it is fine! Anyway, enough earthquake chat as I’m sure it will be the topic of choice for at least the next few days. These shots (more than one, what a treat!) are from Waikuku (North Canterbury) and I have always seen the cool reflections as I drive past but never remembered to bring my camera. Today however, I did! Most of the birds flew away but there was one who wanted to stick around for a photo. Thanks! Off to bed now so see ya day 163.