Abandoned farmhouse

This is an old house in Waikuku on State Highway 1 that I drive past most days on my way to work. I’ve been meaning to stop and take photos for ages and almost didn’t (I even slowed down, decided not to and kept driving, and then pulled over a did a U-turn a bit down the road) but fought the urge to keep driving and grabbed a few photos.

My wife hates driving with me when I’ve got my camera close because I always want to stop, and while I do feel sorry for all partners of people who like to take photos, it’s always worth stopping! So these photos are dedicated to the frustrated partners who have to sit and wait for photos to be taken…


December 19: Outdoor sink

We’ve finally started our somewhat large project consisting of the outside of our house and garden this summer! We are replacing the gardens, ripping off the deck to replace with a patio, scraping a new turning bay, sanding, replacing and painting the weatherboards among other things. Something tells me that this wont be a relaxing summer… But it will hopefully be worth it! 🙂 This is part of the wall by our back door with the little outside sink for washing up after the beach and it used to be covered in ivy which looked pretty cool but we had to rip it down to start sanding. Anyway, enough about our summer but enjoy the photo for day 351 🙂

December 11: Christchurch Airport

This photo was taken last night when we arrived back into Christchurch but I didn’t have time to post because I was so exhausted that I fell asleep straight after I got home. The first image taken on my camera this trip (the phone did come in handy though) and I grabbed this shot on my way to the car of the outside of the recently renovated Christchurch Airport which is looking pretty flash! And this is the (slightly late) shot for day 343 🙂

December 8: Waikato Draught

It’s been one of the busiest days of my life today! I woke up at 6am this morning and have actually not stopped moving since then. We flew out of Christchurch this morning for Touch Nationals with 30 students, landed in Auckland, drove to Hamilton then ran around like crazy all day, ended up with the supermarket tuning off the light on us at 10pm before coming home to settle the students down and get ready for tomorrow. Another photo from my phone on day 340.

December 7: Old mill

I have my camera back, woo hoo! I picked it up on my way home from touch then stopped by an old mill in Waikuku to grab some shots for tonight. The light wasn’t the best and I didn’t have much time so I will go back later but here are the offerings for day 339. A short post for tonight but I have to be at the airport early tomorrow morning to head away to Touch Nationals with the school teams so off to pack now!

November 27: Cathedral Square

We finally got into the Red Zone today! They opened up a walkway through to the Cathedral Square in Christchurch this weekend so we took the family through for a look today. I’ve been waiting almost a year to get inside and take some photos and even though this was all fenced off and pretty packed it was really good to see the inner city and the changes that have been made. The Cashel Container Mall was pretty awesome to see for the first time and really good to see something starting to happen in the Central City!  Anyway, enough words so enjoy the images and have a look closely at the McDonald’s photo for the half-eaten food that was left there over 9 months ago! Successful day 329 🙂



November 26: Abandoned house

We had a pretty busy day with touch finals, an engagement party, visiting friends and then my family on the way home! This is an old abandoned house just down from the Christchurch Airport that I’ve seen a few times but finally stopped and shot today. I’m just lucky that I have an awesome wife who puts up with me stopping all the time when I see something that would make a good photo. I’d really like to head inside this house and take some photos but was in a hurry today so maybe head back one day if I can find someone else who’s keen 🙂 So that’s it for day 328 which is also Election Day 2011 so waiting to see who will run our country!