November 30: Old ute

I was out dropping off more branches today and took the opportunity to grab a few shots of some of the old rusted out cars in the paddock. I took a few but only have time to process one tonight so this is it for day 332 🙂


October 15: Muscle cars

What a day! It was the 25th Anniversary weekend of the North Canterbury Rodders car club and they had a meet and show today. There were over 40 amazing cars from around Canterbury and some serious coin floating around! All I could do was drool and take photos but I’m guessing I’ll have to sell a whole lot more images to afford even some of the less expensive cars on show today… It’s been a very busy afternoon processing these photos and I haven’t even touched Photoshop – just processed them in Photomatix and then put them into groups so I didn’t have to upload 78 images individually! Anyway, here they are and for those that I talked with today – email me at if you want to book a full shoot. Enjoy the images for day 286! 🙂


August 21: 1964 Chevrolet Impala

I had my first proper crack at car photography today and what a car to start with! I met the owner of this 1964 Chevrolet Impala last month ( when I saw some American Muscles Cars down the main street and shot some photos but then got in contact later and jacked up today. It was a perfect afternoon and drove down to a local park then spent half an hour shooting this beauty. It was an awesome car so wanted to spend a while getting the shots right as I want to get into car photography a bit more in the future and will use these images as advertising. Apparently it was valued at $35,000 a year ago so I know I’ll never own one but the next best thing is to take photos of them! Anyway I’ve got a decent stash of images on my computer now but don’t have much time to edit them at the moment so will post more when I have the time. Great day for day 231 and stay tuned for more!