December 23: Lily

An interesting day today! Working around the home this morning and thought that we were off to a bad start when the digger took out the water supply to our house but then it got a little more interesting in the afternoon with a magnitude 5.8 earthquake, followed by a 6.0 a bit later. Merry Christmas Canterbury! More annoying than anything else but frustrating because it means that our odds of getting contents insurance any time soon quickly disappeared this afternoon! Oh well, just have to be careful… This is a lily that was lying on my parents deck tonight so though it would make a good photo for day 355 🙂 Hoping for an uninterrupted sleep tonight followed by a successful day of playing plumber man tomorrow!


December 11: Christchurch Airport

This photo was taken last night when we arrived back into Christchurch but I didn’t have time to post because I was so exhausted that I fell asleep straight after I got home. The first image taken on my camera this trip (the phone did come in handy though) and I grabbed this shot on my way to the car of the outside of the recently renovated Christchurch Airport which is looking pretty flash! And this is the (slightly late) shot for day 343 🙂

November 27: Cathedral Square

We finally got into the Red Zone today! They opened up a walkway through to the Cathedral Square in Christchurch this weekend so we took the family through for a look today. I’ve been waiting almost a year to get inside and take some photos and even though this was all fenced off and pretty packed it was really good to see the inner city and the changes that have been made. The Cashel Container Mall was pretty awesome to see for the first time and really good to see something starting to happen in the Central City!  Anyway, enough words so enjoy the images and have a look closely at the McDonald’s photo for the half-eaten food that was left there over 9 months ago! Successful day 329 🙂



September 19: Beads

I got home on the weekend and found these sitting on my drawer from Friday night when Mel’s sister and her friends were getting ready for her school ball. I didn’t really think much of them until tonight when we got home just after 10 and I still hadn’t taken a photo. Kinda worked out well though with the tripod sitting right next to the cabinet so I grabbed it and snapped a few shots. It makes the dust on the black surface stand out and I was going to clean it then go again but decided that I like the look it gives to the image. And honestly, our cabinet isn’t that dusty in case you are thinking we live like hobo’s in some filthy house… It’s just the contrast of the light on dark and the lights and stuff…Anywho,enough rambling now and off to bed at the end of a long day 260!

August 16: Warm inside

It started snowing properly last night about 6pm and must have kept going pretty steady through the night as we woke up to a decent blanket of snow this morning. Luckily we had kept the fire going through the night so it was still pretty warm inside but looked pretty awesome outside. I liked this photo because it captures the warm feeling of sitting inside while still being able to look out at the snow-scape… Another day off work to spend with the whanau on day 226 so I’m not complaining!

July 3(Half way day!): Railway graffiti

Today we went into Christchurch to get some shopping done and I spotted this graffiti as we drove up Columbo Street. We were in a hurry on our way back but made a quick stop to grab some photos. It was quite a cool place and there was some amazing graffiti covering most of the surfaces. There was some useless tagging which was kinda ugly but in general most of it was pretty awesome. I really like graffiti in photos and decided to go with four photos for today instead of the usual one to celebrate passing the halfway mark in my 365 project! Day 183 down 🙂