December 27: Kiwi summer

Nothing symbolises a Kiwi Christmas and summer more than a pohutukawa flower. It’s been another stunning summer day and still enjoying the long sunny days on holiday. I finished the side path at our house today and it looks awesome with the lime chip and I’m very happy with how it turned out 🙂 We then lazed around in the sun followed by home-made pizza and cold beer on the deck. A great finish to a great day 359 🙂


December 20: Ātaahua

For Brylee’s baby shower we brought a bunch of small canvas’, paint, stickers and all that kinda stuff and let our guests design a canvas for Brylee. We now have 9 of them hanging on the wall in her room and it’s pretty cool because they were made for her by our friends and family even before they had met her. This canvas was made by her Aunty and is extra cool because Ātaahua is Brylee’s middle name. Her full name is Brylee Asaiah Ātaahua McQuarrie and we chose her first name just because we like it but Asaiah means God has made and Ātaahua means beautiful so Asaiah Ātaahua = God has made beautiful which we like 🙂 And that’s a wee story with a photo attached for day 352!

November 22: Weet-bix

This is the stuff that legends are made of! It fuels the All Blacks to victory and makes you a Kiwi once it passed your lips… Well that’s the speel they tell you but it has been around in New Zealand since the 1920’s and is part of our culture by now. I used to eat Weet-bix all the time growing up but stopped when I was in high school and have only just returned to it after we bought some for Brylee and I started again. I was recently challenged to eat 20 Weet-bix and managed to get through them but it’s fair to say I was quite full as I’m not the biggest person in the world and 20 is a whole lot of Weet-bix! Anyway, it’s far from my favourite photo but good memories and a little bit of New Zealand culture on day 324 🙂

October 20: Rotorua

I’m still up in Rotorua and we went for a look around this afternoon.  I haven’t been here in years apart from a brief stop on the way through last year so was keen to explore and it seems like a pretty cool place. Way too late (technically the next day by now) so off to a well-deserved sleep on day 291.

October 5: Three in a row

I never really realised until now just how many hearts, “love” signs, letters etc that we have around our house! I think it we sold all of the above that my wife has purchased over the years we would be quite rich… Hmmmm, there’s a thought! Anyway, this is just another example of such items from our home so I’m spreading the love on day 276…

September 20: Paper heart

I was on a friends Facebook page tonight and saw a similar photo so thought I would give it a go myself. I experimented for a while with the right amount of pages to stand up enough without looking weird and droopy before deciding that four was the ideal number. I then put it on top of a box of tissues on Brylee’s high-chair with a bedside lamp behind it shining onto the back of the pages. The shutter speed had to be quite slow so I set up the tripod, got it into position and snapped a few shots. After a brief edit I was all finished for day 261 and quite like the result 🙂

September 16: Table settings

I was photographing a school ball tonight, it’s 11:51 and I’m tired! The theme was “Big city lights” and each table had a different theme based on a city from around the world. I can’t remember exactly but I think maybe this table was Tokyo… It was a very well decorated formal and a good, but tiring, night. More photos to come but that’s all for day 257! 🙂