November 27: Cathedral Square

We finally got into the Red Zone today! They opened up a walkway through to the Cathedral Square in Christchurch this weekend so we took the family through for a look today. I’ve been waiting almost a year to get inside and take some photos and even though this was all fenced off and pretty packed it was really good to see the inner city and the changes that have been made. The Cashel Container Mall was pretty awesome to see for the first time and really good to see something starting to happen in the Central City!  Anyway, enough words so enjoy the images and have a look closely at the McDonald’s photo for the half-eaten food that was left there over 9 months ago! Successful day 329 🙂




June 25: Quake talk?

I’ve seen this mural so many times and never really got it but it takes on a whole new meaning post-quakes… And the fact that it’s painted on a building made me literally LOL because it’s so close to the red zone that odds are that there is probably a crack or two showing on this building. A wee laugh for day 175 and at least some humour has come out of the quakes…

June 23: Christchurch Art Gallery

7:10 am in winter is quite early to be wandering around with a camera looking like a creeper but that was me this morning… I have been driving past the Art Gallery on my way to work this week and thought it would make a good photo. This morning I left a little bit early and took my camera and tripod with me. There were a lot of people coming and going as the Gallery is pretty busy post-earthquake and I didn’t really have a huge amount of time so had to be quick. I had also forgotten my remote trigger so the shot wasn’t as good as I would have liked but it will do the trick for day 173. Three photos taken from a tripod at f/10. Learnt a few things though so was worth the effort 🙂

June 21: Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament HDR

I got back after work and had planned to take a photo but then got busy. I saw that the sun had come out from the clouds and thought that it would look pretty awesome on the Cathedral. I grabbed the camera, jumped in the car and drove down. There were a few people taking photos and a rather large fence but I pushed it apart enough to get the camera in between and get the shots. This was from 3 handheld shots (-2, 0, +2) at f/6.3, ISO 100 and I’m pretty happy with the result! I think day 171 is the favourite of the project so far… Long may the HDR continue!

June 13: Reflections

Wow, what a day! I was sitting in the office at the end of last period when the first (5.5) earthquake hit. It was quite big but didn’t seem to be much damage and luckily the students had already left so we didn’t have 1600 stressed young people to deal with. I was just about to leave when the 6.0 hit and it was pretty impressive to see the movement of the walls then all the lights swaying violently in our new gym. Must have been well designed though as it is fine! Anyway, enough earthquake chat as I’m sure it will be the topic of choice for at least the next few days. These shots (more than one, what a treat!) are from Waikuku (North Canterbury) and I have always seen the cool reflections as I drive past but never remembered to bring my camera. Today however, I did! Most of the birds flew away but there was one who wanted to stick around for a photo. Thanks! Off to bed now so see ya day 163.

May 13: Well point dewatering

Today I had the pleasure to take a ride with a friend who’s family owns a drain laying business. They are upgrading their website so wanted some shots of their crew in action and asked me to take some photos. The company ( is doing a lot of fantastic work with the post-earthquake Canterbury rebuild and are one of only three companies in the area to use well point dewatering. Kind of a long word but basically means that they put long tubes with special ends into the ground at regular intervals then connect the tubes to a pipe which connects to a pump, which in turn pump out the water and lowers the ground water table. At the first job I went to, they had put down 10m long tubes in order to dig out and repair a water tank that would otherwise have been under water and inaccessible. It a very impressive operation to see and great to have the chance to see first-hand what it going on around our city.

This shot was the first of about 50-60 pipes running down a street where they were replacing the damaged sewer lines and I got to watch as they drove and connected new tubes at a surprising speed.

Well that’s my 132nd photo for the day with bonus information included for free! Enjoy!