November 8: Field of flowers

It looks like a field of flowers but it’s actually not… It’s just part of our garden but it looks pretty big in the photo (like a field) and field of flowers sounds better than just flowers – hence the title! I just spent so long explaining that the title is inaccurate that I can’t be bothered typing any more apart from to say this is it for day 310! Only 55 days to go…


November 7: Hidden

I’ve been meaning for ages to borrow a line trimmer to tidy up the edges of our lawn but still haven’t got around to it which is bad news for me, but good news for this little flower at least! It was hiding in amongst the grass so I thought it would make a good shot for tonight and I like the contrast of the bright flower against the dull background. That’s it for day 309!

October 31: Fluffy dandelion

Again, the title does a fantastic job of describing the image so there really isn’t much I can add to describe it… It’s halfway through Spring and with the weather warming up and the rain still appearing most weeks, the grass is starting to get way too excited and grow up a storm! Not that happy because it just means I have to mow it more but I’ll let it pass because it’s been awesome weather on day 302 and that makes me happy 😀

October 22: Beach flower

It gets pretty windy down at the beach and if you look closely you can see all the sand that has been blown onto this flower. Another flower I know and I had tried cropping to a square around the main flower but I like the bokeh effect so I kept it as-is. A fun-filled night of marking awaits me so that’s it from me 🙂

October 16: Pink flowers

What a night!!! I thought yesterday was a good day but watching the All Blacks win their Rugby World Cup semi final against the Wallabies was so satisfying that I think it’s going to be hard to top – apart from maybe a sneaky wee grand final win next week! We kicked off the night watching the Kiwi’s getting punished by the Kangaroo’s but then it all turned around when the All Black’s got some back by beating the Wallabies 20-6 and booking their place for the final next week. We had a few people over and enjoyed some very subdued cheering so we didn’t wake Brylee but smiles all round as people were leaving and a great day 287 😀 Oh and here’s the photo from today…

October 12: More yellow dandelions…

Again, the title really describes it all so I don’t have too much to add. It was an awesome day today with a high of 22 (hot for Spring anyway…) and the forecast is for the same tomorrow so keen to spend some time at the beach with the family! Enjoying school holidays on day 283 🙂

October 6: Flower in the flash

I’ve been borrowing an external flash for the last few weeks and have to take it back tomorrow so I though I’d have one last play with it tonight. I walked out the back door in the dark and went looking for something to shoot, armed only with the light from my iPhone. This was pretty close and looked interesting enough so fitted the bill! I played around with the flash then ended up reflected it off the leaves above the flower and like the effect of the bright greens in the background… Gutted I have to give the flash back tomorrow but happy it made an interesting shot for day 277 🙂