September 26: Middleton Grange School

I did some photography tonight at Middle Grange School in Christchurch for the opening of their new whare and attached centre. I went there when I was in school but this was just old buildings so it was pretty impressive to go back and see what’s there now. This is about 1/3rd of the building and opens into a performing arts centre which is where they had the Kapa Haka concert tonight. Good times with an awesome hangi beforehand and some very talented kapa haka students to follow. But I’ve been away from home for 15 hours now so ready to relax and go to bed. Day 267 was a good one with a request to use one of my images (  in an upcoming issue of a popular a nationwide magazine which was pretty cool! And I even get paid for my efforts… Woo hoo! 🙂


August 23: War memorial

We went out for dinner tonight and this war memorial is outside the restaurant so after dinner I grabbed the camera and tripod then took a few quick shots before heading home. Not much time again tonight but this is the shot for day 233 🙂

August 11: Railway graffiti

This is a graffiti wall next to the railway tracks by the school I teach at and every time I walk or drive past I think I should bring my camera in and take some photos. Today I was at school from 7:30am – 8:30pm for parent-teacher interviews so I took half an hour off to wander over and grab a few shots. Hope you like them! Day 221 done…



July 29: Hay barn

It’s 11:55pm and I really want to be asleep but I’ve been busy all day and am way too stubborn not to do my photo for today. That said, I will be brief. This is an old barn at the grounds opposite my parents’ house. I sometimes stop there for a wander around as there are some interesting things to take photos of. And that’s me for day 210!

July 27: Farm machinery


I was driving home this afternoon when I dove past a farm with this sitting in the front paddock. I wanted to take a photo but it was a bit awkward because the farmer was working in the paddock and I didn’t want to look like a creeper so I kept on driving.  I got about 50 meters down the road then decided I could handle the farmer looking at me weird so I turned around and drove back. I don’t know if he even looked at me because I just pretended he wasn’t there, snapped away and then left. I have no idea what this thing is – hence the generic name – but I like rusted old things so this fits the bill for day 208…


July 23: Abandoned

I spotted this old building covered in graffiti on my way home from watching rugby today so I stopped, jumped a couple of fences and got a bit excited with the camera. Quite like the shots though – as I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of HDR graffiti shots… Had a fun time on day 204! 🙂

3 shots from a tripod at f/11, ISO 100…

July 22: Chain links

There is a little reserve just outside where we are staying and it has a massive rusty chain link fence which I thought would make a good photo… So I took a photo of it and then had a play around after tone-mapping just because there was a very average movie on TV and I was bored… So here’s the shot day day 203!