November 5: Guy Fawkes


It’s Guy Fawkes!! It’s also Brylee’s first birthday tomorrow and I remember sitting in the hospital exactly one year ago thinking that it would be cool if she was born on November 5 so that she would have fireworks to celebrate her birthday every year. She didn’t arrive until the next morning so now the fireworks are just the day before in anticipation of her birthday… It’s been a pretty busy day with Mel throwing up last night and not well today then us having so much work to do today before the big birthday tomorrow! Ready for bed now but looking forward to tomorrow 🙂 The Waikuku Volunteer Fire Brigade organises an event every year where locals take their fireworks down to them during the day and they set them all off in a display for everyone. A pretty cool community event so I went down to have a look and of course took the camera. I took a few shots but here are a two for day 307!



October 14: Playing with electricity

I’m hanging with my older brother tonight and got a bit bored watching X-Factor so went for an explore in the garage and found this weird electricity globe that lights up and sends out bolts of electricity when you touch it with your hand… Pretty random find on day 285 but had a play around with it and got some cools shots in the end 🙂


September 23: Akaroa lights

It’s my birthday today and my wife took me away for a night in Arakoa (Google it for those from outside NZ…). Had a great day and an awesome night to top it off! We went out for dinner and a walk then grabbed the camera and took a few shots on our way back to the motel. What a day for the 264th day of this project 🙂

PS. Spot the smiley face…

August 23: War memorial

We went out for dinner tonight and this war memorial is outside the restaurant so after dinner I grabbed the camera and tripod then took a few quick shots before heading home. Not much time again tonight but this is the shot for day 233 🙂

August 17: Burning match

Woo hoo, today is my first day of uploading home our new home! We still don’t have internet after two weeks but I’m using Wireless Hotspot from my iPhone 4 and pretty happy with how it’s working. We normally only have around 1 bar of 3G reception at the beach but I made the image smaller and it uploaded quickly… Good times! Considering trying Vodafone’s wireless internet service based on how well this is working… If anyone is using Vodafone wireless in NZ let me know how well it works!

Anyway, the title really explains the image considering it is a match and it’s burning… Day 227 down and feeling a little more optimistic considering that I can now upload from home instead of harassing family for internet access! 🙂

July 31: Blue flame

We have been cooking with gas while staying at this house and I’ve been thinking for a while that it could make a cool shot at night so tonight I turned off all the lights and with my begrudging assistant (Mel), took some shots. I really like the eerie blue light on the hob and the reflection of the flame on the stainless steel cooker. I would have liked to have a bit longer to play around but was busy getting ready for work tomorrow so maybe another time… Anyway, this is a 2 second exposure at ISO 100 from a tripod. And day 212 is completed – only 153 days to go! Still seems like a long time…

July 14: Iron chandelier

This house has a rather large chandelier above the dining table and I thought it might look good in a photo. It took ages to get the photos centered as I had to sit the camera on the table below and I wasn’t able to use the viewfinder. I took a photo, checked it, replaced the camera in a slightly different position then repeated until I was happy with the result. I know I could have just cropped it after but wanted to make sure it was exactly in the middle so the lighting and shadows were consistent. Anyway, enough typing so I’m off to bed! Day 195 complete – closing on 200 posts! 🙂