December 18: Walk in the park

It was a nice afternoon and we were bored so decided to go for a walk down to the park. Naturally, I took my camera and got some photos of Brylee playing around on the playground and in a big tree stump. Brylee had an awesome time and even went down the big tube-slide by herself for the first time with Mel sliding her down and me catching her at the bottom. She didn’t quite know what to think when she first started sliding but then absolutely loved it and couldn’t get enough until we eventually decided to move on. Great to discover something new that she enjoys doing though 🙂 Another awesome day with the whanau on day 350!


December 17: Kisses for Dadda

Whenever I’m working outside, Brylee always comes to the window to watch and it was the same today when she came to watch me taking photos outside. She’s just learnt to give kisses in the last few months (even tried to kiss and old lady in the mall this week) and when I came over to see her, she closed her eyes and leant forward to give Dadda a kiss. I’m loving being on holiday and being able to watch this stage as she is starting to walk heaps, loves snuggles and giving kisses to us all the time – and which I’m fine with! 🙂 An extremely proud Dad on day 349!

HDR with very minimal processing – just for better lighting – taken from a single RAW image, using Photomatix and Photoshop.

December 12: Waiting for Mum

Mel went for walk down to the General Store tonight and Brylee actually just sat on the doorstep waiting until she got back just because she’s cute. I’m loving being back home after 4 days away and enjoying all the snuggles I can get with my girls! 🙂 On holidays now so looking forward to warm weather, hanging with my girls, and getting lots done around the house this summer. Living the good life on day 344.

November 25: First hair-do

We have always said that we wouldn’t do the fountain hair-do thing but that all changed today when Mel discovered that Brylee has enough hair to get a hair tie in! Still not a fan of the fountain but our best option seeing as how there is nowhere near enough hair to get a ponytail out of. It’s all good though, I’m her Dad so I’ll think she’s cute no matter what 🙂 And that’s it for day 327.

November 24: Adventures in the pool

Brylee, Mel and I went for a walk down to the park today and the gate was open to the old pool so we went in for a look. This is the “whale pool” that has been the subject of much local debate after it was damaged in the earthquakes. There have been “save the whale” placards up around North Canterbury for the past year or so and apparently someone noticed because now they are going to repair it/build a new one and the debate has turned to the design. Way too much drama over a pool if you ask me but it will be good to have a kids pool super close this summer. Anyway, this is one of the shots from today when we were playing in the empty pool and my favourite for day 326.

November 18: Snuggled up

Brylee has started using her first pillow this week after getting a duvet and matching pillowcase set (thanks Aunty Emily) for her first birthday a few weekends ago. I put her to bed tonight and she looked so cute all snuggled up in her bed so I snapped a photo on my iPhone 4. I’m pretty happy with my camera on the phone but jealously eyeing up my brother’s new iPhone 4s with the 8MP camera which looks pretty awesome… Anyway, mine did a good enough job for day 320 :-). And thanks to the Camera+ app for the editing!

November 17: 10,000 hits!

Woo hoo, I hit my goal today! Well, my fourth goal… When I first started this project I thought it would be awesome to get 1,000 hits but when I got there I thought 2,000 would be cool by the end of the year. When I reached 2,000 hits I thought why not see if I could get 5,000 then doubled it again to 10,000 once I got there. And today I hit my goal of 10,000 views this year! I know it’s not a lot (even for a day) for some people but I’m pretty happy with 10k! I don’t think I will be aiming to double this number by the end of the year though… Anyway, the shots for day 319 are from this afternoon when beautiful Brylee and I were out enjoying the sun in the back yard 🙂