Spring fields

It’s been a while since my last post but I still have my camera with me most of the time and take photos now and then – I just don’t seem to have the time to process or post them! Anyway, this is a field that I drive past on my way to work and I kept thinking that it would look good in a photo so I stopped and took some a few days ago… Enjoy 🙂


December 15: Walk on the beach

It’s a pretty awesome night tonight so I grabbed my camera and went for a walk down the beach. It was overcast with showers today but has settled down tonight and is a really still, warm night which made for a great walk down the beach with the high tide, waves crashing and the beach to myself. Days like this make me glad I live at the beach on day 347! 😀

November 29: Rays of sunlight

I had to take a trailer load of branches (from my recent Chainsaw + Stephen vs. Backyard battle) out to Mel’s Uncle’s burn-pile tonight and grabbed my camera on the way out. As I was passing this local sports field I saw the rays of sunlight steaming through the clouds so stopped to take a photo for today. I really like the contrast between the dark clouds and the bright grass with the rays as a sort of in-between. A few more trailer loads to come but I spotted some old cars in a paddock tonight so maybe they will be the images for tomorrow… But for now, this is day 331’s image.

November 15: Line of fire

I was sitting inside eating dinner tonight after I got home from training when I saw flashes coming from outside. I couldn’t figure out what it was so I got up and looked out the window to see an awesome sunset and our neighbours standing on their deck taking photos of it (with their flash on for some reason – but it worked out OK for me as I wouldn’t have seen the sunset without it) so I grabbed the camera, rested it on the fence then took  shots for HDR. It was pretty cool because it looked like the horizon was on fire and reflecting on the clouds so I like the shot for day 317 🙂

November 14: Estuary sunset

I went for a walk down to the beach tonight and even though it was pretty windy and cold, it was awesome! The waves were pretty loud and the beach was deserted but I like the beach when it’s windy and stormy so enjoyed the walk. This is the estuary where I walked on the way back and it was pretty calm because it’s sheltered by the sand dunes. Living the dream at the beach on day 316 😀

November 2: Our back yard

I’m loving the warmer weather and lighter evenings and today was no exception! A pretty nice day and still plenty light when I got home from touch at 7:30 which made me happy… This was about 8 o’clock from our back yard and a nice sunset to top off a great day! A very busy day 304 but almost over now so I’m happy 😀

October 9: Country road

This is a road between Waikuku and Rangiora that we drive down pretty often and I’ve taken a few photos on before. It’s been looking pretty cool for the past few weeks with all the spring colours and I’ve been meaning to stop and take a photo for ages but only just got around to it. Sitting here watching the All Blacks play a pretty good Argentine side after watching the Wallabies beat the South African’s – it’s been a pretty good day for the  280th day of my project 🙂