Spring fields

It’s been a while since my last post but I still have my camera with me most of the time and take photos now and then – I just don’t seem to have the time to process or post them! Anyway, this is a field that I drive past on my way to work and I kept thinking that it would look good in a photo so I stopped and took some a few days ago… Enjoy 🙂


November 8: Field of flowers

It looks like a field of flowers but it’s actually not… It’s just part of our garden but it looks pretty big in the photo (like a field) and field of flowers sounds better than just flowers – hence the title! I just spent so long explaining that the title is inaccurate that I can’t be bothered typing any more apart from to say this is it for day 310! Only 55 days to go…

November 2: Our back yard

I’m loving the warmer weather and lighter evenings and today was no exception! A pretty nice day and still plenty light when I got home from touch at 7:30 which made me happy… This was about 8 o’clock from our back yard and a nice sunset to top off a great day! A very busy day 304 but almost over now so I’m happy 😀

October 13: Afternoon with Dad

I’m on school holidays this week and spent the afternoon down at the park and beach with Brylee. We got down to the park, had a look at the ducks, then got the camera out and started taking some photos before I realised that the memory card was still at home on the couch! Pretty average but we walked back home and grabbed the card then came back to see the ducks and grab some photos. Brylee was pretty intrigued by the ducks and they got really close so we stayed there for a while then headed down to the beach. It was sunny but with a pretty cold wind so we just dipped our toes in the water then sat on a log and watched the waves for about half an hour. Before we headed home Brylee picked up a shell for her scrapbook and had a wee suck on it, ate some sand, then we walked back home. Great wee adventure on day 284 😀


October 12: More yellow dandelions…

Again, the title really describes it all so I don’t have too much to add. It was an awesome day today with a high of 22 (hot for Spring anyway…) and the forecast is for the same tomorrow so keen to spend some time at the beach with the family! Enjoying school holidays on day 283 🙂

October 11: Walk on the beach

I went for a walk down the beach this morning and even though it was a pretty stink morning, the beach is always awesome. We love living at the beach and are looking forward to our first summer here and spending lots of of swimming and lazing around. Anyway, here are a few shots that I like from day 282…