July 26: Then the sun came out…

I woke up this morning to see that the sun had come out after a super cold and frosty night and even though it was still freezing, the snow looked pretty awesome lit up by the sun. These photos are from Waikuku Beach, North Canterbury from about 8-9:30 this morning.




July 18: Beach forest

I was out at the beach working on our house today and went down to take a photo. I had a quick look at the beach but didn’t see anything very interesting so I headed back to the car-park and walked past this forest on my way back. It looked pretty awesome with the rays of morning sun streaming through the trees here and there so I thought I’d grab a photo.

The top one is the first I took and you can kinda see the rays of sunlight but not very well. If I was to do it again I would have zoomed in a little further to focus more on the light streams. The second one is my favourite by far as the bright yellow moss on the tree really stands out in HDR. And that’s it for day 199 – tomorrow I hit my 200th day! 😀

July 9: Saturday sunrise

I had a massive sleep-in this morning (7:30am) and woke up to this sunrise. So I got Brylee up and ready then grabbed the camera + tripod and ran over the road. I know that you can see my shadow in the bottom and was going to crop it but kinda like it so decided not to… So that’s it for day 190 🙂