October 31: Fluffy dandelion

Again, the title does a fantastic job of describing the image so there really isn’t much I can add to describe it… It’s halfway through Spring and with the weather warming up and the rain still appearing most weeks, the grass is starting to get way too excited and grow up a storm! Not that happy because it just means I have to mow it more but I’ll let it pass because it’s been awesome weather on day 302 and that makes me happy 😀


October 24: Smiley face

I was looking out our window this afternoon and spotted this fence panel that looks like a smiley face. I hadn’t done a photo yet for today so when Brylee went to bed I went out and took some shots. The first ones I took were just of the fence but I like this one because the green trees in the background look kinda like hair for the…fence-face? Anyway, probably the weirdest post yet on day 295 but it’s done… Only 70 days to go!

October 2: Big digger

We went for a walk today and saw this digger so we came back then I grabbed the camera, found a bike lying around and went for a wee ride back down. I kinda like old machinery like this because the worn, rusty steel looks pretty cool in HDR… An early post for day 273 but I’ve got the All Blacks, Junior Warriors and Warriors Grand Final to watch!! What a day!

August 14: Seed things…

Ah, yesterday was the first day I wasn’t able to get my post uploaded the same day! We haven’t had internet for the past 2 weeks as we have recently moved and having a world of trouble trying to get internet so have been going to family or friends every day to upload the daily photo but wasn’t able to yesterday. I did take a photo and get it ready to upload though so I figure that counts… And here it is! Some weird little bush outside our bedroom but I quite like the little seed-pod things that are all over it. Day 224 done!

August 1: Unborn sunflowers…

I was looking around in the pantry tonight and thought that these might make a cool photo so I put them in a bowl on the bench, set up the tripod above them, and snapped a few shots. The light wasn’t that great and there was an unavoidable shadow from the tripod frame so I headed into the garage in search of better lighting. I found a mechanics light hanging (literally) around so I look it back in, hooked it up to light the shot better and took the photo. It’s not really a breath-taking shot for day  213 but I had fun playing around with everything so I’m happy 🙂

July 25: Snow day

Snow day! It was snowing a bit last night then woke up this morning to a very white Canterbury! It looks pretty awesome so I got dressed into lots of layers and headed down to the lake to grab some photos. It was OK for the first few minutes then the wind started picking up and my hands were so cold that they wouldn’t work any more so I came back inside to defrost. Heading out now so my earliest post on day 206 🙂

July 10: Down the garden path

This is the path at my parents house and all the cracks are getting filled with moss as it gets damper in winter. I was on the search for a photo today and liked the colours of the moss standing out from the drab greyness of the path. I thought winter would be average for taking photos I’m actually really enjoying it. 🙂 And that’s the shot for day 191!