Abandoned farmhouse

This is an old house in Waikuku on State Highway 1 that I drive past most days on my way to work. I’ve been meaning to stop and take photos for ages and almost didn’t (I even slowed down, decided not to and kept driving, and then pulled over a did a U-turn a bit down the road) but fought the urge to keep driving and grabbed a few photos.

My wife hates driving with me when I’ve got my camera close because I always want to stop, and while I do feel sorry for all partners of people who like to take photos, it’s always worth stopping! So these photos are dedicated to the frustrated partners who have to sit and wait for photos to be taken…


December 24: Red fence

It’s Christmas Eve! I was going to try and post a Christmas-related photo but it’s been another massive day working around the house and we’ve got guests over for a Christmas Eve BBQ so to be honest I can’t really be bothered… This is an old fence that is being made into a gate and I liked the rustic look and colours – especially in HDR (just for you Adrian Lewis) so chose it as the photo for day 356. Merry Christmas for tomorrow! 😀

November 26: Abandoned house

We had a pretty busy day with touch finals, an engagement party, visiting friends and then my family on the way home! This is an old abandoned house just down from the Christchurch Airport that I’ve seen a few times but finally stopped and shot today. I’m just lucky that I have an awesome wife who puts up with me stopping all the time when I see something that would make a good photo. I’d really like to head inside this house and take some photos but was in a hurry today so maybe head back one day if I can find someone else who’s keen 🙂 So that’s it for day 328 which is also Election Day 2011 so waiting to see who will run our country!

August 4: Forgotten doorway

This is an old barn that I have been driving past for the last few years and meaning to stop but never got around it to so I did today! There are so many cool old buildings and machines on farms around here but I’m not overly keen to go walking around with my camera like a weirdo so I pretty much stick to things right on the road. This fits the bill as it was right by the road so I stopped this afternoon and grabbed some shots. I really like the shot of the old deteriorated barn door and would like to get it printed on a canvas one day… Anyway, here are the shots for day 215!

July 27: Farm machinery


I was driving home this afternoon when I dove past a farm with this sitting in the front paddock. I wanted to take a photo but it was a bit awkward because the farmer was working in the paddock and I didn’t want to look like a creeper so I kept on driving.  I got about 50 meters down the road then decided I could handle the farmer looking at me weird so I turned around and drove back. I don’t know if he even looked at me because I just pretended he wasn’t there, snapped away and then left. I have no idea what this thing is – hence the generic name – but I like rusted old things so this fits the bill for day 208…


June 21: Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament HDR

I got back after work and had planned to take a photo but then got busy. I saw that the sun had come out from the clouds and thought that it would look pretty awesome on the Cathedral. I grabbed the camera, jumped in the car and drove down. There were a few people taking photos and a rather large fence but I pushed it apart enough to get the camera in between and get the shots. This was from 3 handheld shots (-2, 0, +2) at f/6.3, ISO 100 and I’m pretty happy with the result! I think day 171 is the favourite of the project so far… Long may the HDR continue!

June 8: Three coloured tea cups

The title really says it all… There are tea cups, they are coloured, and there are three of them. These are my Mum’s tea cups and I have seen them before but never really thought of photographing them. I was over there tonight and saw them so decided to try some photos. The background was quite bright with the flash so I tried to de-saturate it and was quite pleased with the result. Day 158 out of the way, only 207 days to go. On second thoughts, I should have waited for a leap-year to do this project.. Would only have 206
days to go. Hmmmm…